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Stefan Loftie-Eaton, the Principal Agent of Stefan Loftie-Eaton Properties, established the real estate agency in 2003. SLE Properties grew from strength to strength each year to the current successful Namibian enterprise that it is today.

SLE Properties consist of a team of 12 Residential Property agents that also share in rental properties focusing on all areas of Windhoek. Our Commercial Property Team consists of Willem Koegelenberg, Stefan Loftie-Eaton, Callie Mans, Chris-Jan Brand.

This dynamic team can assist both property buyers and sellers in the residential, commercial and industrial market across Namibia and more focused in Windhoek. Property owners can trust SLE Properties to manage their property rentals for them.

Our team always strives for professional, efficient service to all our customers.

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Capital Improvement - addition of a permanent structural improvement or the restoration of some aspect of a property that will either enhance the property`s overall value or increases its useful life.

CONTACT US:   Tel +264 61 233 491   |   Fax +264 61 233 492  

Estate Agents:
Stefan Loftie-EatonWillem KoegelenbergCornel Koegelenberg
Callie MansSimone KoningsChris Jan Brand
Luciana KandumeJoy GosesLynette Van Zyl
Elizabeth Van ZylMargaretha TeixeiraJulie Henery
Sara-Stella EgundaFabiola LachmannRia Human

Areas with FOR SALE Listings:
Hochland ParkKlein WindhoekKleine Kuppe
LudwigsdorfLuxury HillOutside Windhoek
SuiderhofWindhoek Golf EstateWindhoek West

Areas with RENTAL Listings:
Klein WindhoekKleine KuppeLudwigsdorf